49ers And Other West Coast Teams Trying to Eliminate Early Starts
The San Francisco 49ers and the rest of the West Coast based teams in the NFL have had to play early games on the road when visiting East Coast teams, which has affected their ability to win games because a 1 PM. ET. kickoff means they play games at 10 AM. PST, which is something their bodies aren’t used to.

Only 1 Month to the Official Release of the NFL Scheduler
Much of the flare that comes with the NFL free agency has cooled down. The free agency is still on but it is no longer the most attractive event at the moment. Right now, attention is being directed towards this years NFL Draft. The event that is about to attract the most publicity, however, is the official release of the season's schedule. This will happen sometime in the last quarter of the month of April. The preseason schedule, however, is expected a few days into the month of April.

The Current Happenings at the Seahawks Gives 49ers a Rare Opportunity
The massive changes going on at the Seattle Seahawks were expected after they missed the 2017 playoffs. The roster changes are coming at a time when NFL's new league season is about to begin next week. Seattle is a perennial powerhouse in NFC West, but with the current changes happening a few days before the league starts creates good opportunity for the 49ers to shine.

Golden Chance for the Niners to Battle the NFC West Conquest
The 49ers are the team to beat in the NFC West. This is after the Seahawks finished 9-7 in the last season, losing the privilege of being the team to beat. As the 2018 season fast approaches, Seattle will contend with less appearances at the playoffs. The Seahawks have retained both coach Pete Carroll and Russell Wilson; the quarterback. For the first time, Carroll has sent his top assistants packing including two coordinators and the offensive line coach Tom Cable. While Seattle is cleaning house, the 49ers have a chance to tackle Los Angeles Rams in the top half of the division.

Seahawks Run Officially Over and 49ers Odds are Getting Better
Three years ago, the San Francisco 49ers imploded, after the team fired head coach Jim Harbaugh, who had been the most successful head coach they had had in over a decade. Their NFC West rivals, the Seattle Seahawks, benefited from the 49ers demise as they continued to be a very successful franchise in the wake of San Francisco’s demise.

Super Bowl is theirs next Season
The San Francisco 49ers are riding high on the crest of a hitherto unthinkable four-game winning streak powered by the inimitable Jimmy Garoppolo - the gift that just keeps on giving. after the 49ers' demolition of the league's premier defensive outfit - the Jacksonville Jaguars - in a 44-33 game, the team's current mindset was summed up best to reporters by fourth-year running back Carlos Hyde.

NFL Draft
The San Francisco 49ers fans wished the team traded quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo before the season started, this could have got them into the this year NFL Playoffs.

Jaguars hold Division Title Despite Loss to 49ers
A recent NFL Jaguars versus 49ers game saw 44 points made against the strongest defense in the leagues. It also included chants calling for the quarterback who was able to on his own change the atmosphere in the 49ers team. All this shows that the Jimmy G and his growing legend are not slowing down. Yet, the key AFC South standings remain unchanged even though Jimmy Garoppolo managed to make two touchdown passes and also ran for another third opportunity to score.

Future Looks Bright for the 49ers
The San Francisco 49ers are having fun again thanks to the play of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. The fourth year quarterback, who was acquired from the New England Patriots in a deadline trade for the 49ers second round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, has led the team to four straight wins since he was named their starter.

NFC West Lead?
It has taken all the positivity Russell Wilson can muster to maintain an air of positivity in the Seahawks locker room, and it can be argued that he hasn’t succeeded to the extent that he hoped.