49ers Remain Betting Favorites To Win Super Bowl
Training camp for all NFL teams have started, which means the start of the regular season is just around the corner. Even though there are still a few weeks before the season starts, people are already betting on the teams they think will win the Super Bowl. Last season, the San Francisco 49ers finished the season 6-10, but thanks to their five-game win streak at the end of the season, the 49ers odds to win NFC West crown is very favorable.

NFL Division Odds for the NFC West Teams
If you want to know the importance of a good head coach, the Los Angeles Rams is a replicate example of its definition. Sean McVay took over in 2016 from Jeff Fisher to bring in competent tactics, which paid off in a single offseason and helped his team top the NFC West. Apart from the Rams, the Arizona Cardinals is the latest team to change a coach in the division after the 65-year-old Bruce Arians pensioned off. While a section of fans are focused on the San Francisco 49ers Odds, it is important to note that Pete Carroll has served as a head coach for the Seattle Seahawks since 2010.

New Odds List the 49ers Among the Top 7 NFC Favorites
The oddsmakers are back again with a new set of odds in the wake of a recently concluded offseason. San Francisco 49ers odds in the NFC have been detailed in a new list by MyBookie. The new odds include all the NFC favorites in a list that has some interesting odds for Carolina Panthers, Minnesota Vikings, Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans Saints, Detroit Lions, and Atlanta Falcons among other teams. The 49ers are currently put at the 7th position overall, just behind Atlanta Falcons. Philadelphia Eagles, who are the Super Bowl Champions take the prime position in the list.

San Francisco 49ers Odds To Win NFC West Best In Nearly 6 years
The San Francisco-49ers appears poised to build on last year’s late-season winning streak and emerge NFC West champions this year. The 49ers odds to win NFC West has never been better, with the team now boasting a strong offense. Winning the title this year would mean the first such win for the club since 2012.

Gambling Lines Are Out For 49ers 15 Games of 2018 Season
With the NFL training camp still two months away, the regular season continue to remain silent for four month. But, the schedule release came out last month, which is the favorite part for many fans during the offseason. We will look at the first 15 games of the gambling line for the San Francisco 49ers and their respective points. As soon as the schedule was made public, Sportsbooks went ahead to open the lines for the week 1 matchups. Looking at the 49ers, they'll open for first matchup against their rivals Minnesota Vikings with 4.5 point underdog. With single digit underdog, 49ers odds continue to remain high as one of the main contenders in 2018 Super Bowl.

Going Long: In Form Jimmy Garoppolo Boosts 49ers' Playoff Odds
Which NFL team The San Francisco 49ers have been experience a surge in confidence lately, mostly attributable to the superb form of their star quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo.The sunny feeling in their locker room is mirrored in Las Vegas, with bookmakers such as the West Gate Superbook placing 49ers odds to make playoffs at 20-1.

49ers Now Tied at 6th According to New NFC Title Odds
Oddsmakers have released some more game odds recently and the 49ers odds to win NFC Title seem to be pretty level. The team's odds to win the Super Bowl are nevertheless quite good. This also goes for the NFC West where the San Francisco 49ers have the same odds as the Seattle Seahawks. Both the teams are tied at second to take the NFC West. The odds are definitely unsurprising considering how the past few weeks have been for these teams. The next important odds that matter now are for the conference championship.

Quick Look at the Biggest NFL Odds Moves to Win Super Bowl LIII
There is no other team that has made offseason moves the way the Los Angeles Rams has. This team is causing ripples across the media and odds-makers have also given the team some impressive odds. The team has definitely gone all in by acquiring all the talent they could need each passing week. The change in the odds has been dramatic, starting at 20/1 and then improving to 10/1.

49ers Winning Plays: Garoppolo's Short Plays
When it comes to winning plays by the Niners, Garoppolo has done his job of making it happen. With the new season almost here... Well still a some months, the 49ers should have these type of plays in their DNA

New NFL Catch Rule Agreed on Providing Much-Needed Clarity
It is no secret that the NFL catch rule has elicited great controversy over the last decade. Most recently, NFL owners have agreed on a new catch rule in unison. This is however not the only rule the league owners have approved. The senior vice president of officiating has also been granted powers to overrule referees on the field, if they do not comply with the rules. The VP of officiating Al Riveron has been given powers to also eject players who do not adhere to the football rules. The rule that puts touch backs after kickoffs at the 25 yard line is now no longer temporary.

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