Jaguars hold Division Title Despite Loss to 49ers
A recent NFL Jaguars versus 49ers game saw 44 points made against the strongest defense in the leagues. It also included chants calling for the quarterback who was able to on his own change the atmosphere in the 49ers team. All this shows that the Jimmy G and his growing legend are not slowing down. Yet, the key AFC South standings remain unchanged even though Jimmy Garoppolo managed to make two touchdown passes and also ran for another third opportunity to score.
The 49ers managed to this against one of the stiffest defenses in the NFL and won their fourth victory with the new QB when they conquered the Jacksonville Jaguars with 44 to 33. Garoppolo was pleased, saying that good things are going on for the team and the same can be felt for anyone stepping foot on the stadium.
The crowds are enjoying the pre-game and the excitement is palatable. Garoppolo is one of the key reasons for the turnaround of his team from San Francisco (5-10) since he began to play as a part of the starting lineup. This happened at the start of December after his New England mid-season trade. This provided the team with four wins in a row, while the last is most impressive thanks to the Jaguars’ defense. The Jacksonville team allowed the smallest number of points in the league and also made the biggest number of sacks.
The appearance of Jimmy G changed things according to Carlos Hyde, the team’s running back. He believes that the things are going great with a good vibe and plenty of energy in the locker room. Hyde also stated that other members of the team can feel this and are successfully feeding off of it. Garoppolo was able to do a lot of damage to the Jaguars. He completed 21 passes out of 30 attempts for 242 yards. He made a touchdown throw to Trent Taylor and George Kittle as their team began pulling away from their opponent in the second half.
This saw Garoppolo go to a 6-0 career as a starter. Jaguars (10-5) did not lose all as they have gotten to their first title in the division since 1990. This was finalized with Rams winning over Tennessee on the same day. However, the loss still provides the Jaguars with some difficulties. This is why they need to win their next game but also hope that Pittsburgh gets two losses to get a bye.
This is why the game against San Francisco saw some augments on the sideline and little good feelings in the Jacksonville team. Aaron Colvin, the team’s cornerback argued with Malik Jackson, showing frustration, but later stated that the team has bigger goals in mind. Blake Bortles managed to make three interceptions, while Dontae Johnson achieved a touchdown after one of these. Bortles made two touchdowns and 382 yards, but this was not enough for the team.
Bortles said that the feeling was weird to lose with such a solid team showing, but underlined everyone is happy about the AFC South standings and the division first place. Still, he finished by saying that everyone wanted to get the same spot through a win against the 49ers. This did not occur, which was tough for the entire team.

2017 AFC South

  W L T Pct PF PA Home Away Conf Div Strk
Jacksonville Jaguars Jaguars 10 5 0 .667 407 253 6-2 4-3 9-2 4-1 L1
Tennessee Titans Titans 8 7 0 .533 319 346 5-2 3-5 7-4 4-1 L3
Houston Texans Texans 4 11 0 .267 325 414 3-5 1-6 3-8 1-4 L5
Indianapolis Colts Colts 3 12 0 .200 241 391 2-5 1-7 2-9 1-4 L6


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