San Francisco 49ers Odds To Win NFC West Best In Nearly 6 years
The San Francisco-49ers appears poised to build on last year’s late-season winning streak and emerge NFC West champions this year. The 49ers odds to win NFC West has never been better, with the team now boasting a strong offense. Winning the title this year would mean the first such win for the club since 2012.
The 49ers -- which until early last year was being viewed as a team under reconstruction -- staged a dramatic turnaround late season, thanks to its acquisition of quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. That strategic move propelled the team to close the season with five consecutive wins, and is now a key reason why the 49ers odds to win NFC West is the best ever in over five years. To beef up the offense, the club also added former New-York Giants player Weston Richburg as well as Notre Dame’s Mike McGlinchey.
Still, it will take more than a strong offense to raise the 49ers odds to win NFC West. For one, the 49ers have to win all the obviously winnable games to unseatthe Los-Angeles Rams, which toppled long-time division title-holder Seattle Seahawks.As per the latest Super Bowl-winner odds forecasts, the 49ers odds to win NFC West is 20-to-1, second only to the Rams at 18-to-1.
To emerge victorious against the Rams and win the division title, the 49ers will have to clock 12 wins from the lineup in its 2018 regular-season schedule or win at least 11 games before it faces off with the Rams. After all, don’t forget that the Rams had 11 wins and then stole the NFC West crown a year ago.
The 49ers face off against the Minnesota Vikings in Week 1, which means a 0-1 start is likely, as Minnesota has one of the best defense lineups. However, the 49ers next game, against the Detroit Lions in Week 2, is a sure-fire win, as are wins against Kansas City Chiefs as well as Los Angeles Chargers in the third and fourth weeks respectively.
The club will next have to ensure they continue this winning streak with two consecutive wins against Arizona Cardinals in Weeks 5 and 8. In addition, the 49ers will have to beat the Oakland Raiders and the New York Giants in Weeks 9 and 10, the Tampa-Bay Buccaneers in Week 12, the Denver Broncos in Week 14, and the Chicago Bears in Week 16.
The 49ers will compete against the Seattle Seahawks in Weeks 13 and 15 and will likely have a tough time breaking through that club’s solid defense. Still, to raise the odds of winning the NFC West, the 49ers will have to win both games against the Seattle Seahawks to ensure 12 wins to win the divisional crown.
And still, assuming the 49ers win only 11 games by the time they go head-to-head against the Rams in Week 17, it is highly likely that that final game of the regular season will be a tie-breaker and will decide the winner of the NFC West 2018.
With the 49ers having emerged victorious with a 34-13 win against the Rams’ B-team last year, there is a strong chance that it can pull off a decisive win against the Rams for the much coveted division title.

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