Garoppolo Signed by Niners in a Whopping $137.5 Million Contract
Jimmy Garoppolo, the 49ers star quarterback is now the highest paid NFL player going by average annual salary. The 49ers renewed his service on Thursday as he signed the five-year $137.5 million contract.

Terrell Owens gets into the Hall of Fame while John Lynch stays out
Terrell Owens is no second just to Jerry Rice, his former 49ers teammate when it comes to his receiving yards that span his career. Because of this, he joined his old teammate in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

49ers Working on Signing Garoppolo to Long-Term Deal
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo watched his former teammates lose to the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl on Sunday, in one of the best Super Bowl in recent years.

49ers Odds Should Change if Aqib Talib was on Board
It has been established that the off-season NFL trading season might see some significant activity. Veteran player Aqib Talib is apparently in the market and might be on his way to joining the 49ers according to reports.

San Francisco 49ers Odds Impacted by Other Teams in NFL Draft
The 2018 NFL draft picks are edging closer and the San Francisco 49ers have eight picks with seven teams at the very minimum; with a possibility of more depending on the coin flip results against the Oakland Raiders.

The Value of Jimmy Garoppolo's Contract with the San Francisco 49ers
This offseason will be abuzz with the storyline about Jimmy Garoppolo’s new contract with the San Francisco 49ers after leaving the New England Patriots.

49ers To Get Good Look At Running Backs In Senior Bowl
The San Francisco 49ers are in Mobile, Alabama this week to scout players at the Senior Bowl, hoping to find a few players that can help them make a playoff push next season.

Solomon Thomas Expected to Have a Better Season in 2018
Draft picks always come with a lot of pressure for the players, the fans and everyone on the team have high and some time unrealistic expectations on the players which can have an impact on the player.

Evaluating Marquise Goodwin's Season at San Fransisco 49ers
Having wrapped up the season, the San Fransisco 49ers 68th season in the NFL had a lot of up and downs. They started with a 0-9 run but they then managed to steady the ship under the guidance of the new coach Kyle Shanahan winning 6 out of their 7 next matches.

Setting the Stage: How Shanahan and Lynch Lay the Foundation for Garoppolo's Performance
The 49ers management combination of John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan are trying to keep hopes within manageable levels for a team that has seen the messiah-like saving grace of a rampant Jimmy Garoppolo.

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