2017 49ers Roster
Complete list of Active Players in 49ers along with Reserve list including Injuries in both lists.

Jimmy Garappolo's Contract
The San Francisco 49ers have turned a corner. Their season, which began as a lackluster affair that everyone couldn't wait to see the end of has gained some renewed sparkle as we move towards the end. Nobody would have expected the 49ers to come away with victories in two consecutive road games a few weeks back, and they're heading into their final three matchups with more than a fighting chance. 49ers odds across bookies are healthier than we've seen them all season.

Marquise Goodwin | 49ersOdds.com
The San Francisco 49ers have won their last two games since head coach Kyle Shanahan named former New England Patriots quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo the team’s starter. As expected, the two wins have hurt the 49ers odds of getting the top pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, but the 49ers are fine with that because it looks like Garoppolo will be their franchise quarterback, so they don’t need to take one in the next draft.

Carlos Hyde | 49ersOdds.com
Carlos Dawoun Hyde who was born on 20th Sept in the year 1991 from America is a football running back playing for the San Francisco 49ers that belongs to the National Football League. Carlos was recruited by 49ers in the year 2014 during the second round recruitment of the NFL. He participated in college football in the state of Ohio.

Jimmy Garoppolo | 49ersOdds
Jimmy Garoppolo once again provided a great game when his team needed him. On November 26, 49ers finally got to use Garoppolo whom they traded in October. Back then, Garoppolo arrived from the New England Patriots, the famous multiple-time winners of the Super Bowl, which definitely influenced the 49ers odds in the next game and the games to come after that. This time, the San Francisco team hosted the Seattle Seahawks and on that Sunday, they lost by 24 to 13.

San Francisco 49ers Top Players
The San Francisco 49ers franchise is considered one of the greatest in NFL history because only a few teams in the league can boast about five Lombardi trophies and countless Hall of Famers.

DeForest Buckner | 49ers
DeForest Buckner has held his spot at the top of the NFL defensive lineman snap leaderboard so far this season, but it looks like it might be a bit tricky for him to maintain his supremacy through to the end of the season. For one, his 49ers are a game ahead of most teams in the league. Buckner’s 597 snaps look good against second-placed New York Giants’ Jason Pierre-Paul’s 579, but he’s already had his bye week.

Kyle Shanahan | 49ers Coach
There are a lot of NFL teams that have no idea how it feels to be Kyle Shanahan. Shanahan isn’t the first head coach whose team has won a Sunday game. However, it isn’t the victory itself that still has Shanahan so excited.

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