Jimmy Garoppolo gets support with free-agent addition in the 49ers
Jimmy Garoppolo was high on the list of priorities for the 49ers. It was visible from the beginning of the negotiation between agents and teams, when all solutions were on the table.

Why Garoppolo and Sherman Might Be The 49ers' Yin and Yang
Thanks to Jimmy G. that 49ers have landed Richard Sherman, a free agent from Seattle Seahawks who has attracted a lot of interest from at least five teams. Sherman was aiming to sign with a top flight caliber team like Niners.

San Francisco 49ers Players for this Season
There is hardly anyone in the US who does not know how incredible the San Francisco 49ers professional football team is. With its roots in the Bay Area of San Francisco, this team participates in the NFL or National Football League, holding the position of a key member in the NFC or National Football Conference West Division.

San Francisco 49ers Players for this Season
The time of the year has come: NFL Player Transactions. Below you will find a list of player transaction up to the moment.

C.J. Beathard | 49ers
Although the past few seasons had been quite dire, the 49ERS odds were starting to look brighter when a 24 year old named C.J Casey Jarrett stepped on the field in the second half of the week 6 game of the 2017 season.

Five Most Outstanding Coaches in San Francisco 49ers History
The list of head coaches dotting the San Francisco 49ers’ history is simply amazing – they range from the legendary, the good, the bad, and the bland.

Who Will Be The Next Quarterback To Cash In After Garoppolo's Deal?
The San Francisco 49ers were going to take a wait and see approach to their newly acquired quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract extension when they traded for him during the season, but after Garoppolo led the team to a 5-0n record in his five starts, the team didn’t waste any time locking him up, making him the highest paid quarterback in the NFL.

San Francisco 49ers Are Aiming to Be a Big Free Agent Destination
It was a big deal for the San Francisco 49ers to sign Jimmy Garoppolo to a five-year deal to make him the highest-paid player in the NFL.

Victor Bolden | 49ers
The San Francisco 49ers signed former Oregon State receiver Victor Bolden as an undrafted free agent shortly after the 2017 NFL Draft. Bolden didn’t get a lot of playing time as a rookie, playing primarily as the team’s kick returner, but he is expected to have a bigger role next season and the 49ers odds to win the NFC West will also be improved.

Matt Breida | 49ers
Matthew Breida, a former Georgia Southern Eagles team member, went from being an undrafted free agent to a proud member of the San Francisco 49ers last year. His high school and college years were promising, which leaves an interesting question -- does the team's latest addition have a chance to improve the 49ers odds next season?

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