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The San Francisco 49ers lost to the Seahawks on Sunday. However, that isn’t really the news that has got people buzzing today. In fact, it isn’t the people that are buzzing but the 49ers themselves.
The 49ers odds for the next game are not exactly encouraging. And you would think the team would be too busy preparing for their match against the Bears to squabble with the fans. But that is exactly what might be happening.
Team 1 2 3 4 T
49ers 0 3 3 7 13
Seahawks 0 7 7 10 24
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Besides losing their Sunday game, the 49ers also lost starting quarterback C.J. Beathard to injury. Now, Beathard’s fate is still unclear. There was a little over a minute left on the clock when his attempt at a pass ending with a hit to the knee that saw him immediately leave the game.
And that is where problems arose. Jimmy Garoppolo took Beathard’s place and, in his debut game with the team, blew 49ers fans away. Now, no one is complaining about the fans cheering for Garoppolo.
Rather, they are complaining that the crowd went so wild when they realized that Garoppolo was about to enter the game. This was while the rookie quarterback he was to replace was still down on the field.
Eric Reid, in particular, took offense to the fact that people seemed so ecstatic that there starting QB was hurt. And he hasn’t been shy about expressing his disappointment. Reid admitted that he understood the excitement surrounding Jimmy.
But that did not excuse the callousness of the fans. Reid suggested that the fans still did not understand the challenges athletes endured on the field and that they were woefully ignorant of the distress Beathard experienced as he lay on the ground amidst all the cheering.
Beathard made an appearance during the postgame conference and there was a limp to his walk. He still didn’t know the extent of his injuries and, thus, couldn’t really offer clarity on his future. He did admit that there was some pain in his hip. And Coach Kyle Shanahan expressed his hope that the athlete was only bruised.
But it is unlikely that the fans are even thinking about Beathard. Right now the subject on everyone’s mind is whether or not Garoppolo will become a permanent feature on the starting team.
Reuben Foster who was the team’s first-round pick this season echoed Reid’s sentiments. He understands the love Garoppolo enjoys and he does not fault fans for rooting for him. However, he believes that the fans could have waited until Beathard was off the ground before finally breaking out the cheers.
They didn’t even know that Beathard was alright at the time, so their reactions were more than a little insensitive, or so Foster and Reid seem to think. Other athletes have since piled onto this line of thinking, not directly attacking the fans but also expressing disappointment.
But it is unlikely that such talk will change the discussion. Right now, fans just want to know if they should expect Garappolo to make additional appearances in Week 13.
Shanahan said that while Garappolo’s TD was an impressive feat, he wouldn’t allow the athlete’s quick cameo to influence his decisions in Week 13.

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