San Francisco 49ers Are Aiming to Be a Big Free Agent Destination
It was a big deal for the San Francisco 49ers to sign Jimmy Garoppolo to a five-year deal to make him the highest-paid player in the NFL.
Although there is a strong quarterback market in free agency this year, the 49ers opted to stick with Garoppolo as the face of the franchise for the next few years.
The Niners are excited about him and Garoppolo is also thrilled. He had been the backup for Tom Brady in New England for years. This big opportunity in San Francisco gives him the chance to be a big star and to help bring the Niners back to prominence.
But one big reason why Jimmy Garoppolo was signed well before the free agent season began was to ensure that the 49ers would be ready for the going somewhere. Coach Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch both agree that having a solid foundation at quarterback helps to get the ball rolling.
Also, since the team knows what it will be spending on the quarterback position, it becomes easier for the team to figure out how other resources will be utilized. The team has enough room under the salary cap to build the team well enough and to have an even greater foundation for the future.
Even with Garoppolo going for $37 million in his first year under the cap, the Niners still have around $62 million in cap space. This would work towards the $8 million for drafted rookies and for a full 53-man roster. Only Cleveland and Indianapolis have more cap space than San Francisco does at this point.
The work from the team to have a better salary total is expected to be vital to its success. The Niners are expected to go into free agency looking for cornerbacks, offensive linemen and wide receivers among other positions. The belief at this point is that having a franchise quarterback on hand will help ensure the Niners will be competitive and worth watching for as the season moves along.
The team is not contacting agents for other players yet because the official league year has not started. But the team is working at this moment to figure out who might be of interest and how the 49ers can build up with Garoppolo in the middle of it all.
Garoppolo is particularly excited about the team. He spoke in a recent press conference that he knows he has the skill needed to succeed and that he has the full support of the entire team to move forward. This is all to help with getting the 49ers back up on top of the football world.
Free agency will begin on March 14. Teams can start negotiating with free agents two days before that.
The overall work from the San Francisco 49ers shows that the team is ready to move forward and make itself into a popular destination. People will surely anticipate what will come about as the season moves forward and free agents become more interested in competing with the Niners as they have their franchise quarterback ready.


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