Who Will Be The Next Quarterback To Cash In After Garoppolo's Deal?
The San Francisco 49ers were going to take a wait and see approach to their newly acquired quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract extension when they traded for him during the season, but after Garoppolo led the team to a 5-0n record in his five starts, the team didn’t waste any time locking him up, making him the highest paid quarterback in the NFL.
Thanks to Garoppolo, the 49ers odds for next season are very favorable, and other high profile quarterbacks in the league are going to be expecting a similar or better deal from their respective clubs.

With that in mind, here are the quarterbacks expected to join Garoppolo as the highest paid players in the league.
10. Ben Roethlisberger > $21.85 million
The Steelers quarterback is in a unique situation because he has multiple Super Bowl wins and just led his team to the best record in the NFL. However, he has been hinting about retiring soon, which might make the Steelers apprehensive about giving him a new deal.
9. Russell Wilson > $21.9 million
Wilson was an MVP candidate this season and led the Seahawks in passing and rushing, making him the one player the team can’t afford to lose. Expect the Seahawks to lock Wilson up to a long term seal very soon.
8. Aaron Rodgers > $22 million
The Packers got a reminder of how bad life is without Rodgers who missed most of last season with an injury. The team will likely show their quarterback some love either this offseason or next year.
7. Joe Flacco > $22,133,333
Flacco was once the highest paid quarterback in the league, but hasn’t done much since he led the Ravens to a Super Bowl win over the San Francisco 49ers, and it will be difficult to imagine the Ravens spending more money on him.
6. Alex Smith > $22.2 million (reported)
Smith just got traded to the Washington Redskins who are planning to give him a contract extension that will make him one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league. This was a surprising move by a team that was unwilling to give Kirk Cousins a long term deal.
5. Drew Brees > $24.25 million
The Saints will likely make Brees, who is the greatest quarterback in franchise history, one of the highest paid quarterbacks in the league. The aging Brees already told reporters he plans on staying in New Orleans, losing any negotiation leverage he might have had.
4. Andrew Luck >$24.594 million
Luck missed the entire 2017 season, which will likely affect his chances of getting a big extension because of concerns about his injury.
3. Derek Carr > $25 million
Carr just got a new deal before the 2017 season, but if he has a great season under Jon Gruden, the Raiders will likely give him another extension that will make him one of the top paid quarterbacks in the NFL.
2. Matthew Stafford > $27 million
The Detroit Lions quarterback has put up big numbers since he got in the league and was the highest paid player before Garoppolo’s extension. If he leads the Lions to the Super Bowl, expect the team to give him another extension.
1. Jimmy Garoppolo > $27.5 million
Garoppolo is already the highest paid quarterback in the league, but he signed a five year contract, which means if he plays well in the next two seasons, he will be looking at another big contract.

2017 Quaterback Salaries
Complete list of 32 NFL starting quarterbacks and how much money they made in 2017 based on their salary cap hit.
This does not mean it's the most valuable contracts overall, just this season's cap hits.
Joe Flacco
» Baltimore, $24.55 million
Carson Palmer
» Arizona, $24.125 million
Kirk Cousins
» Washington, $ 23.943 million
Matt Ryan
» Atlanta, $23.75 million
Matthew Stafford
» Detroit, $22 million
Aaron Rodgers
» Green Bay, $20.3 million
Cam Newton
» Carolina, $20.166 million
Philip Rivers
» Los Angeles Chargers, $20 million
Eli Manning
» N.Y. Giants, $19.7 million
Andrew Luck
» Indianapolis, $19.4 million
Drew Brees
» New Orleans, $19 million
Russell Wilson
» Seattle, $18.8 million
Ben Roethlisberger
» Pittsburgh, $18.2 million
Sam Bradford
» Minnesota, $18 million
Alex Smith
» Kansas City, $16.9 million
Derek Carr
» Oakland, $15.7 million
Andy Dalton
» Cincinnati, $15.7 million
Tom Brady
» New England, $14 million
Mike Glennon
» Chicago, $14 million
Jay Cutler
» Miami, $10 million
Tyrod Taylor
» Buffalo, $9.7 million
Jameis Winston
» Tampa Bay, $6.9 million
Marcus Mariota
» Tennessee, $6.6 million
Blake Bortles
» Jacksonville, $6.57 million
Josh McCow
» N.Y. Jets, $6.5 million
Jared Goff
L.A. Rams, $6.4 million
Carson Wentz
» Philadelphia, $6 million
Brian Hoyer
» San Francisco, $5.3 million
DeShone Kizer
» Cleveland, $899,711
Tom Savage
» Houston, $765,146
Dak Prescott
» Dallas, $635,848
Trever Siemian
» Denver, $628,196


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