How 49ers Interest to Trade for Jimmy Garoppolo was Shot Down more than Once
When Kyle Shanahan became the head coach of 49ers in February 2017, his first assignment was to trade for Jimmy Garoppolo. Shanahan hoped that Patriots would be interested in trading Jimmy Garoppolo in the last offseason, but that was not the case.
The main reason for trading Garoppolo was because 49ers had Colin Kaepernick who was there only quarterback under contract that would see him remain with the team till 2018, but they were not willing to keep him. That means they were going to have zero quarterbacks in the team. With that in mind, Shanahan had to do what many desperate head coaches do. He met Bill Belichick during the last year's NFL Combine match and fronted his plan to make a trade. The deal was going to be a major move that could have kept fans watching closely the 49ers odds.
According to Shanahan, he said that everyone knew the franchise quarterbacks that were available at the moment were Jimmy and Kirk (Cousins). But he also knew that Kirk was going to be a hard trade. When Shanahan talked to Bill about Jimmy, he quickly told him that it was going to be impossible. We went further to say he won't trade Jimmy. The 49ers had a keen interest on Garoppolo because they had tried before to trade for him during the previous offseason. John Lynch, Niners general manager had even called the Patriots at some point to push for Garoppolo trade during the offseason, but that was quickly shot down. Everyone paying much interest on the 49ers odds was getting worried too.
After pushing twice on the trade proposals with the New England Patriots, the Forty-Niners never tried again. Next time when the issue of Garoppolo came up, it was the Patriots who called the 49ers. Actually, Shanahan remembers vividly the trading day and which came at a time when 49ers were recovering from a 33-10 loss against the Eagles. This saw them drop from 0-8 and therefore they were not expecting any trading calls from the Patriots by the October 31st deadline. A call by Patriots in regards to trading Jimmy was definitely a big surprise, it was the last thing Shanahan was thinking about.
It took less than ten minutes for the Niners to decide about the deal, which means Shanahan was never worried at all about losing the much awaited drafts picks for Garoppolo. But what we will never know is why Patriots finally decided to trade Garoppolo. Some maybe go by the ESPN reports that Robert Kraft had a hand in pushing Belichick or Patriot felt it would be hard to pay the two quarterbacks Tom Brady and Garoppolo. That aside, Garoppolo signed the biggest contract deal in the NFL history, which will be hard to pull off this year.
As we speak, Garoppolo is fully part of the 49ers after San Francisco made a whopping record of $137.5 million contract for their new star quarterback. We all like to talk about the numbers but this is what a quarterback cost. However, according to Shanahan, its not about the numbers, but whether the guy is the top player. If you believe that is the case, then do what it takes to have him. Belichick knew very well that the 49ers were making serious attempts to have Jimmy Garoppolo and that their player will be in good hands with 49ers' coach Shanahan and that might have been the reason of that mysterious call on October 31st to trade his quarterback.


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