Garoppolo Signed by Niners in a Whopping $137.5 Million Contract
Jimmy Garoppolo, the 49ers star quarterback is now the highest paid NFL player going by average annual salary. The 49ers renewed his service on Thursday as he signed the five-year $137.5 million contract.
The package includes guarantees of $74 million. Per season, the quarterback will receive $27.5 million making this more than what Matthew Stafford of the Lions receives. Garoppolo is the celebrated 26-year-old quarterback with seven career starts. Indeed, the 49ers were not ready to lose this critical team weapon and this move will certainly increase the 49ers odds for next season. This contract comes just after he served the team for a little over a month.
You will remember that Garappolo was traded from the Patriots at the second round pick in late October. Upon joining San Fransisco, he took a short time to master their offense as he hit the ground running in Week 13. From this point, the 49ers would win five games straight leading them to a 6-10 finish a far cry from the 1-10 he had found. After having previous seasons of poor performing quarterbacks, the 49ers would have only shot themselves on the foot if they had let Garoppolo go. Some of the unimpressive quarterbacks the Niners have had include Hoyer, Beathard, Gabbert and Kaepernick in the last two seasons.
49ers were no longer looking to take chances with their offensive approaches leading to the signing of this mega contract. There are some who think that this contract could be too big for the quarterback going by his limited body of work. However, Garoppolo makes it to the list of the most efficient NFL quarterbacks making his input invaluable. It is this talent that Coach Shanahan had spotted in 2014 when he first sought to draft him. At that time, coach Shanahan was the offensive coordinator of the Browns. At the time, the Browns had seemingly failed to recognized the talent that was Garoppolo.
According to Shanahan, his role was just to front the best names and leave the top decision makers to make their pick. For some reason, the Browns were not very keen on this rising quarterback. At the time, the Browns chose to go with Johnny Manziel after trading him in at the first round. The coach however thought that the trading could have been a mistake made by the Browns. Right now, the Niners are pleased that they had a chance to sign the star quarterback. Keep in mind that there was word that the Patriots were also looking for first round picks for Garoppolo. At some point, this quarterback had been seen as the possible replacement for Tom Brady.
How in the second round he was sent to San Fransisco was an unusual move in the entire NFL. All in all, Brady could be sticking to New England and despite being 40, he still has a few bullets left. As for the Niners, they could not be happier about having their own franchise quarterback. Who knows whether this is the missing piece to make it to the very top.


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