San Francisco 49ers Odds Impacted by Other Teams in NFL Draft
The 2018 NFL draft picks are edging closer and the San Francisco 49ers have eight picks with seven teams at the very minimum; with a possibility of more depending on the coin flip results against the Oakland Raiders.
All the teams have many needs; and this can have an impact on the 49ers. The following information looks at the most important needs of various teams and how the draft day might look like for San Fransisco. With any drafting, repercussions are always expected for teams affected. The impact could go either way; it can be positive or negative.
It goes without saying that the NFL drafts could affect 49ers odds. To what level this might happen, the future will tell. Let us start by considering the Denver Broncos. They stand as the fifth overall pick in the draft going by their season performance. In the season, they were able to finish with a record 5-11 justifying their fifth position in the line. Denver has many needs and one of the most pressing position needs is quarterback. Indeed, the postilion has been occupied by many players with no significant results. Lynch, Osweiler and Siemian have all tried to ignite the position without success in the past games.
The pressure to change this situation is falling squarely on John Elway, the General Manager. There is great need to activate the team quickly for better results. According to Elway, 2018 may invite a whole new line up of quarterbacks. The Broncos may need three new quarterbacks. This move will therefore not come as any surprise. The potential candidates could be sourced in the free agency. Kirk Cousins is a name that comes to mind for this position. Early draft filling is also possible and probably more likely. The 49ers have Garoppolo, reducing their competition for a quarterback with the Broncos. Elway has to find the right guys for the position moving forward.
There is an urgent need on the offensive line for teams like the Colts, Giants and even the Broncos. To be specific, Denver is yearning for an excellent right tackle, which increases the competition with the 49ers. These two will also compete for an inside linebacker. The role of Reuben Foster will determine what happens on each team regarding this position need. The 49ers and frankly all other teams will also need strong offensive linemen in the interior. The Broncos will need a sturdy tackle. At left tackle, they added Garret Bolles this past season and he is exceptionally talented. They can flip him to right tackle or ground him to the same position.
There may be a need to revive the third and fourth receiver positions for Denver. With young blood injected, this could change the outcomes for the better. 49ers are eyeing these positions. However, it may come at a different point in the draft. All in all, the teams must get set in the best way possible. With so many variables, the impact on various teams could differ. The draft will serve to recruit the best players for various positions to get ready for the new season.

Round 1
Cleveland (0-16) .520
New York Giants (3-13) .531
Indianapolis (4-12) .480
Cleveland - from Houston (4-12) .516
Denver (5-11) .492
New York Jets (5-11) .520
Tampa Bay (5-11) .555
Chicago (5-11) .559
San Francisco (6-10)# .512
Oakland (6-10)# .512
Miami (6-10) .543
Cincinnati (7-9) .465
Washington (7-9) .539
Green Bay (7-9) .539
Arizona (8-8) .488
Baltimore (9-7) .441
Los Angeles Chargers (9-7) .457
Seattle (9-7) .492
Dallas (9-7) .496
Detroit (9-7) .496
Buffalo* (9-7) .492
Buffalo - from Kansas City* (10-6) .477
Los Angeles Rams* (11-5) .504
Carolina* (11-5) .539
Tennessee* (9-7) .434
Atlanta* (10-6) .543 New Orleans* (11-5) .535
Pittsburgh* (13-3) .453
Jacksonville* (10-6) .434
Minnesota* (13-3) .492
Philadelphia* (13-3) .461
New England* (13-3) .484

Houston -> Cleveland: Deshaun Watson
Kansas City -> Buffalo: Patrick Mahomes
#49ers and Raiders order will be determined by coin flip


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