The Value of Jimmy Garoppolo's Contract with the San Francisco 49ers
This offseason will be abuzz with the storyline about Jimmy Garoppolo’s new contract with the San Francisco 49ers after leaving the New England Patriots.
Jimmy GaroppoloJimmy Garoppolo Quarterback #10
Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Weight: 225 lb (102 kg)
College: Eastern Illinois
Drafted: 2014 / Round: 2 / Pick: 62
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Since the quarterback jumped ship in October, his trade has been the talk of the day in the opinion corridors of the NFL, and recently because of the drama surrounding his former employer. With only seven NFL starts for his new team, Garoppolo has already demonstrated that he is a franchise quarterback who has the potential to improve the 49ers Odds for next season.
When San Francisco opened its doors for Jimmy Garoppolo, the team had only won one game, but the magical skills induced by the QB at the center led to victories in his opening five starts in 2004. With such an achievement, Garoppolo’s exceptional input in the team not
only gave hope to players on the field, but also the almost crestfallen fans. In the NFL, the Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger is the only player who has won more games (7) in his career starts. Heck, Impressively, Garoppolo has already recorded 1,560 yards to improve the team’s average to approximately 30 points per game, which will definitely advance the 49ers Odds for next season.
Jimmy Garoppolo continues to receive praise even from his teammates who feel that the QB is an asset to the team due to his outstanding leadership skills on the field. His accolades also come from head coach Kyle Shanahan and GM John Lynch who have similar opinions about him. With that comprehensive introduction, it is important to note that in March, Garoppolo will be a free agent, which points towards the main reason the Patriots traded him for an ordinary second-round pick. On theother hand, if the 49ers need to keep him, they have to be very cautious with their compliments because the QB will definitely use them as negotiation tools. For Garoppolo, it is still early to predict the value of his future long-term contract to improve the 49ers Odds for next season.
If New England and San Francisco fail to agree on Garoppolo’s long-term contract, the latter will undoubtedly place the franchise tag on him. As a QB with seven career starts in the NFL, the 2018 season alone guarantees Jimmy Garoppolo about $23.6 million. The negotiations would be complicated as well because, hypothetically, a 5-year NFL contract for the QB should fetch approximately $100 million. If such a prediction comes to reality, he would rise to the top 10 highest paid quarterbacks exclusively based on the average annual salary. Again, with an assured a $53 with at signing, he would be the third highest paid QB after Eli Manning and Matthew Stafford.
The 49ers would not afford parting ways with Jimmy Garoppolo even after two seasons due to the $15 million signing bonus. As such, he will play his games rest assured that his 2020 salary is intact. The NFL pays out all signing bonuses amounting to $3 million on annual basis. However, if Garoppolo leaves San Francisco after 2019, the signing bonus would leave the team with about $9 million in their coffers. This is a uniquesituation in the NFL that would demand a lot of negotiations to settle trading scores between the two sides. In my opinion, the 49ers will maneuver ways of striking a long-term deal to sign Garoppolo before using the franchise tag on him.


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