San Francisco 49ers Odds Depend on Bolden and other Roster Favorites
The San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Victor Bolden Jr. will serve a 4-game suspension when the 2018 regular season begins. With such circumstances, the swift return expert has tough opponents for a roster spot, which could be detrimental for him during the start of the season. When Bolden was a rookie, he never managed to catch even one pass; a record that many would use to write him off. However, in the course of last summer’s exhibition games, he compensated such poor records with his speed and performance to prove himself as a skilled return specialist and improve San Francisco 49ers odds.
The 5-foot-8 Victor Bolden Jr. is a former star for the Oregon State Beavers football team. Currently weighing 173 pounds, his skills started to stand out in college, and during the exhibition in 2017, he dexterously returned not only a punt, but also a kickoff for unexpected TDs. When it came to the regular season games, the wide receiver recorded an average of 5.8 yards on 4 punt returns as well as 20.8 yards on 19 kickoffs, which helped in advancing San Francisco 49ers odds.
Nevertheless, the 49ers 2018 roster has become a hard nut to crack for Bolden, as he has to compete with other promising teammates for a place. In the 2nd round, Dante Pettis was drafted by the 49ers this offseason from the Washington Huskies football team. Richie James, the 22-year old star from Middle Tennessee State was also drafted in the 7th round to join the wide receiver-return. Therefore, with such signings in the picture to counterbalance San Francisco 49ers odds, Victor Bolden Jr. has to prove himself to feature in the 49ers 2018 roster for the wide receiver slot. His most promising rivals include Aaron Burbridge, Aldrick Robinson, Kendrick Bourne, James, Marquise Goodwin, Trent Taylor, Pierre Garcon, Max McCaffrey, and Pettis.
The NFL suspended wide receiver Victor Bolden Jr. after testing positive for illegal substances for enhancing his performance. Now he has to manage this reputation-damaging hurdle, as he is destined to miss the opening four matchups of the 2018 regular season, while at the same time hoping to make it on the roster. The 49ers released Bolden’s sentiments in a statement in which he expressed that he was unaware that the supplement he usually used contained the banned substance. However, he added that he is fully responsible and takes the blame for failing to verify the supplement’s ingredients and promised to educate himself about such bodily products in future. Furthermore, he felt remorseful and hurt for missing the opening four games of the regular season due to an avoidable circumstance he would have managed.
ESPN’s Nick Wagoner stated that during spring and summer, the wide receiver is still allowed to take part in all 49ers exhibition games and practices. Furthermore, on October 1st, he will be allowed activated for the regular season, but after proving for his team that he has what it takes to make it on the roster amid his many competitors. Bolden must pull up his socks because there are many rival teammates who are currently burning the midnight oil to perfect their return punts and kickoffs.
Lately, he has been one of the favorite players who have been returning punts during organized team activities together with D.J. Reed, James and Pettis. John Lynch, the San Francisco 49ers GM noted that even though Bolden was disappointed for testing positive for a banned substance, he has to be more cautious next time.

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