Kyle Shanahan | 49ers Coach
There are a lot of NFL teams that have no idea how it feels to be Kyle Shanahan. Shanahan isn’t the first head coach whose team has won a Sunday game. However, it isn’t the victory itself that still has Shanahan so excited.
In fact, it might be worth pointing out that the New York Giants were pretty bad on Sunday and it didn’t even come as a surprise that the San Francisco 49ers beat them. It is also possible that the 49ers odds for next game won’t improve by that big a margin.
But none of that is going to dull Shanahan’s mood because the Sunday game gave the 49ers their first victory of the season. That is a big deal because a lot of 49ers fans were predicting a 0-16 season.
Shanahan met his players on Monday knowing that some of the pressure had been alleviated. He admitted that it was easier waking up that Monday morning because it was in sharp contrast to all the other Mondays that followed a Sunday loss.
Shanahan met his team on Monday and they looked at the tapes. No one had much to say. Everyone just wanted to bask in the glory and they will get to do just that for a little longer because their victory came just in time for the bye week.
Most NFL teams understand the importance of quickly moving on from a game regardless of whether they won or lost. But the 49ers will be forgiven for hanging onto their victory over the Giants a little longer.
Shanahan’s side has suffered a lot of losses this season. For some of those games, the 49ers lost by three points or fewer. Those kinds of games are the most painful because you come so close to winning only for defeat to sneak in at the last moment.
The 49ers’ locker rooms at Levi’s Stadium exploded on Sunday. The way Shanahan’s players were celebrating, you might have thought that they had secured a playoff position.
It has been suggested that the desperation the 49ers threw into the game, treating it as if it was the last match of the season, is responsible for their eventual win. Shanahan’s job hasn’t been easy.
He has been forced to watch his team contend with numerous disappointments one after another. And it has been his job to encourage his players to get up and keep pushing forward.
Shanahan knows that hard work doesn’t necessarily pay off. He knows that his players have been giving it their all throughout the season only to be met with failure. So he doesn’t fault the 49ers for letting the excitement get to them after the Sunday Win.
Shanahan expects things to improve because now the pressure of winning their first game is gone. The team will play their next game on the 26th of November. Now they have to win their second game.
DeForest Buckner said that their Sunday win had given them momentum and now they just have to use that momentum to secure another win. The 49ers can definitely be commended for their determination.
They do not know how to give up and that tenacity is finally paying off.

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