49ers Players: Grading The 49ers Free Agency
The San Francisco 49ers were very busy at the start of free agency, as they tried to improve their roster. After going 5-0 with Jimmy Garoppolo under center last season, the 49ers odds to make the playoffs next season have significantly improved, which is why the team is doing everything it can to provide Garoppolo with the tools he needs to succeed.

49ers Players: Zimmer Congratulates the Team on McKinnon's Signing
The Minnesota Vikings' head coach has gone on record to say the team will be getting a huge asset in the form of Jerick McKinnon, especially with his playing ability and general attitude towards the game.

Richard Sherman Now Tells It All On Negative Assessments of 49ers Deal
On Tuesday when speaking to Bay Area Media, Richard Sherman gave his side of story about the recent negative assessments surrounding his deal with the 49ers and the reasons for negotiating it. According to Sherman, this was really important for him since he doubled up as his own agent. He also believes that the league has players who can negotiate and come up with good deals and that gives them the advantage of taking charge of their destiny. Sherman did applaud the good work done by some agents who ensure that players are ready to continue with life after football in regards to their finances, while there are those who negotiate a deal and the next time you see them is when the contract is coming to an end. He feels that players should try and avoid that from happening. This deal has seen Sherman join the list of San Francisco players for the next season.

San Francisco's General Manager Happy with Rejuvenated Offensive-Line
Free agent Jonathan Cooper has been signed by the 49ers for one of the guard slots. This was revealed by general manager John Lynch while expressing great confidence in the new signing. However, it is not yet clear which spot Cooper is going to fill in the offensive line. There is an array of players who are competing for various positions available in the team. The Niners are more optimistic about the new guard compared to the last season. In 2017, there were no new drafts to the guard; and therefore no fresh blood was injected into the offensive campaign. However, several players were brought on board after the draft; including Tim Barnes and Brandon Fusco. With this revamping at the offensive guard, the 49ers odds for the next season could be higher.

Eric Reid in Free Agency Quagmire Even as He Considers Change of Tact
The free agency is well into its second week and free agent Eric Reid is yet to secure any deals. He confirmed this on Thursday as he returned from his younger brother's school pro day.

2018 NFL Draft Order
2018 NFL Draft order has been set and now it is just matter of time before we can see the action. Just remember that the order might changes thanks to the trades between the teams... let's not forget Jimmy Garoppolo, he was traded for a second-round pick.

Jimmy Garoppolo gets support with free-agent addition in the 49ers
Jimmy Garoppolo was high on the list of priorities for the 49ers. It was visible from the beginning of the negotiation between agents and teams, when all solutions were on the table.

Why Garoppolo and Sherman Might Be The 49ers' Yin and Yang
Thanks to Jimmy G. that 49ers have landed Richard Sherman, a free agent from Seattle Seahawks who has attracted a lot of interest from at least five teams. Sherman was aiming to sign with a top flight caliber team like Niners.

San Francisco 49ers Players for this Season
There is hardly anyone in the US who does not know how incredible the San Francisco 49ers professional football team is. With its roots in the Bay Area of San Francisco, this team participates in the NFL or National Football League, holding the position of a key member in the NFC or National Football Conference West Division.

San Francisco 49ers Players for this Season
The time of the year has come: NFL Player Transactions. Below you will find a list of player transaction up to the moment.

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