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Marquise Goodwin stats make him one of the best players with a great vision.

Drafting Of Ja’Quan Gardner Changes 49ers Odds For Final Game
Ja’Quan Gardner who is the Humboldt State running back looks like he is heading to the San Francisco 49ers. This is a surprise move especially considering that he is undrafted which means that he does not have much experience. The news about this particular free agent was not expected at all because it was thought that the 49ers would be going for a more experienced player. Even many people who love this game do not who he is because his face is not familiar. This move might change the 49ers odds for the final game with chances of winning improving significantly.

Marquise Goodwin's Prospects as a Receiver at the 49ers Are High
Former Olympic long jumper Marquise Goodwin is looking to be the main receiver in the 49ers camp. This came to light during his first week of training. He has been under the excellent tutorship of Kyle Shanahan and he is looking build upon his previous successes. His skill level was highlighted last season when he came in to take the place of Pierre Garcon. The prospect of a Marquise Goodwin wide receiver in the 49ers is pretty enticing. Last season, he received a lot of criticism for being average. He nevertheless went on to have a sensational couple of games that proved his capability.

San Francisco 49ers Odds Depend on Bolden and other Roster Favorites
The San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Victor Bolden Jr. will serve a 4-game suspension when the 2018 regular season begins. With such circumstances, the swift return expert has tough opponents for a roster spot, which could be detrimental for him during the start of the season. When Bolden was a rookie, he never managed to catch even one pass; a record that many would use to write him off. However, in the course of last summer’s exhibition games, he compensated such poor records with his speed and performance to prove himself as a skilled return specialist and improve San Francisco 49ers odds.

2018 MVP Odds Ties Jimmy Garoppolo with Two Other Promising QBs
The offseason has seen many things happening ranging from the analysis of the most improved squads to the worst declines when it comes to the overall strength of teams. Football fans have also seen offseason additions to different squads, but the most thrilling and much-awaited announcement was the release of 2018 MVP odds. ESPN has already declared to be working tirelessly with its NFL insiders to predict the most likely candidate to win the 2018 MVP honors. Currently, among the mentioned candidates, the prediction shows that Jimmy Garoppolo is ranked 13th with other NFL MVP candidates tied with him. San Francisco 49ers odds could improve if he ranks higher than the current +2000.

Sherman Opens Up on 49ers Move and Garoppolo's Influence
As it turns out, Richard Sherman's decision to put pen to paper with the San Francisco 49ers had a lot to do with the presence of Jimmy Garoppolo on the squad. It goes a little against the prevailing speculation that his leaving the Seahawks of Seattle was a matter of contract disputes and inflated egos on both sides of the negotiating table.

An Improved 49ers Roster Has Changed Their Approach To Draft
Immediately after coming from 2017 NFL draft, it was visible that the John Lynch (49ers' general manager) and his staff were in celebration mood after successfully completing their first draft together. Three days later, the San Francisco 49ers had selected ten players. One hour after the final pick was done, the Niners had already signed majority of players out of their 18 free agents. In most cases, teams work till late night on Sunday to sign undrafted rookies, but this was not the case for the Niners since it took them 60 minutes to complete the signing. According to Lynch, "it was a land of opportunity", referring to the chance the Niners had since they were still at the initial stage of overhauling their roster. Looking at many betting platforms, 49ers odds to win the NFC West are still high compared to others teams in that division.<

49ers Players: Grading The 49ers Free Agency
The San Francisco 49ers were very busy at the start of free agency, as they tried to improve their roster. After going 5-0 with Jimmy Garoppolo under center last season, the 49ers odds to make the playoffs next season have significantly improved, which is why the team is doing everything it can to provide Garoppolo with the tools he needs to succeed.

49ers Players: Zimmer Congratulates the Team on McKinnon's Signing
The Minnesota Vikings' head coach has gone on record to say the team will be getting a huge asset in the form of Jerick McKinnon, especially with his playing ability and general attitude towards the game.

Richard Sherman Now Tells It All On Negative Assessments of 49ers Deal
On Tuesday when speaking to Bay Area Media, Richard Sherman gave his side of story about the recent negative assessments surrounding his deal with the 49ers and the reasons for negotiating it. According to Sherman, this was really important for him since he doubled up as his own agent. He also believes that the league has players who can negotiate and come up with good deals and that gives them the advantage of taking charge of their destiny. Sherman did applaud the good work done by some agents who ensure that players are ready to continue with life after football in regards to their finances, while there are those who negotiate a deal and the next time you see them is when the contract is coming to an end. He feels that players should try and avoid that from happening. This deal has seen Sherman join the list of San Francisco players for the next season.

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