The Top 5 Quarterbacks In 49ers History
The San Francisco 49ers are a decorated team that has always been full of great talent. When it comes to organizing a list of the most formidable quarterbacks, there are some great names that immediately come to mind. With such a long and illustrious history, however, the task of limiting the names to just 5 is no easy feat.
On the surface, picking the common names that secured the Super Bowl a couple of time would be a good start. But then there are also great MVPs and spectacular performers who cannot be overlooked when you get to the nitty-gritty. All this makes the process of boiling down to a few names even more complicated.
Considering the entire history that consists of major plays, individual effort, significant impacts and decisive efforts; it can be possible to come down to 5 of the greatest quarterbacks who raised the 49ers odds throughout its history as a team. Here is the list of the greatest San Francisco 49ers quarterbacks.

5. Colin Kaepernick
To start off the list is Kaepernick who has been exceptional since 2011. Just like any other quarterback, he has had his fair share of ups and downs. He has nevertheless managed to lead his teammates to the Super Bowl. His stat sheet is also impressive having emerged top of the yards per attempt chart. He still has a long journey ahead but he definitely has potential going by his current rating.

4. Y.A. Tittle
This quarterback reigned in the 50’s mainly when he was at the New York Giants. Even before that though, he managed to scale the heights at San Francisco winning more than half of all his starts. The 50’s and 60’s era was not particularly great for the 49ers but Tittle managed to keep the name of the team up high.

3. John Brodie
He was at his peak performance in the 60’s and early 70’s having had his stint with the 49ers from 1957-1973. His individual performance is among the best of any San Francisco quarterback. His key highlight as a star comes from his numerous passing yards. This 1970 NFL MVP topped the NFL passing yards chart three times and nearly delivered his team to the 1970 Super Bowl.

2. Steve Young
When it comes to raw stats, and particularly ratings, there is no 49ers star who has surpassed Steve Young yet. He managed to showcase such an impressive performance as an individual player as well as a team player in the 1987-1999 era. The two-time NFL MVP led the team to the 1994 Super Bowl title and he appears in the Hall of Fame.

1. Joe Montana
He is the ultimate best mainly because he holds the mantle of the biggest contributor to the teams' overall success. Montana led the 49ers to the first Super Bowl title and ensured three more titles before he finished his term in 1992. While he might not have any major individual records, he ensured that the team reached great new heights by scooping multiple titles. His stint is thus the most illustrious in the history of the 49ers.

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