Reminiscence Of Events at the Super Bowl XXIII
In one of the most profound moments for the 49ers, quarterback Joe Montana reconstructed what was a desperate situation into a moment of glee. Joe was always known for his cool disposition in the field.

The Top 5 Quarterbacks In 49ers History
The San Francisco 49ers are a decorated team that has always been full of great talent. When it comes to organizing a list of the most formidable quarterbacks, there are some great names that immediately come to mind. With such a long and illustrious history, however, the task of limiting the names to just 5 is no easy feat.

Best Moments in San Francisco 49ers History
Ever though which have been the best moments in 49ers history? Most likely yes but you just don't know where to start. So, to give you a heads start, below you will find 5 moments that have marked many lives and considering the 49ers odds have had in many season, these will mark yours...

49ers vs. Cowboys: The 5 Greatest Games
The First-year Niner Head Coach Jim Harbaugh was part of the rivalry games after playing for 15 years as a quarterback with 5 NFL teams. This made him appreciate the rivalry of top teams even though the Niners and Cowboys used to dominate the league in 1990's when Harbaugh was a player. Harbaugh also agrees that when 49ers and Cowboy meet head-to-head, they stir up a lot of emotions or rekindle back the memories. Without wasting your time, the 49ers and Cowboys are preparing to go head-to-head for the 33rd time on Sunday at the state-of-art Candlestick stadium. While you check the latest released 49ers odds, NinersDigest takes you through the most memorable games that stirred emotions when the two teams met.

Where the 49ers Super Bowls Rank in NFL History
Super Bowl 52 has come and gone, now it is time think about those 49ers odds for the next one.

The Best 49ers Team that Never Won Super Bowl by ESPN
San Francisco 49ers of 1987 were favorites to win the Super Bowl title according to ESPN. This was because of their good rankings at the league in both offense and defense. As fate would have it, this team disappointed after almost tasting the top title in their best season.

San Francisco 49ers Uniforms
The evolution of San Francisco uniform, 1946 - present.

San Francisco 49ers Logo
The first logo for the 49ers was a mustached forty niners gold miner that originated from California Gold Rush in 1849.

Levi's Stadium | 49ers
When Levi stadium, a state-of-art facility opened its doors on July 14th, 2014, it brought to end the controversial battle that has been there for a long time on the future home of the 49ers team. That means Levi Stadium has now become the permanent home of San Francisco 49ers, after moving from the famous Candlestick Park, which used to be their home from 1971 to 2013.

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