San Francisco 49ers 2018 Opponent Power Rankings
There is a feeling that its still early to make a decision on which teams will be main contenders or not in the next season even though power rankings lists have already landed on the internet.

San Francisco 49ers Has Love for Everyone
Valentine's Day was all over the place yesterday and looks like 49ers had some fun..

2019 Super Bowl odds
Super Bowl LII is over, Eagles as underdogs all the way took down each team that was put in front and now they are champions.

Garoppolo's Success Means 49ers Should Be Back In Prime Time
The San Francisco 49ers were able to turn around a disappointing 0-9 start to the season and finished the season 6-10 thanks to the team acquiring quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo from the New England Patriots at the trade deadline.

Joe Staley is Optimistic about the Next NFL Season for 49ers
Joe Staley planned to retire early in the past season, but now, he appears very re-energized and hopeful about his team’s future. During a talk he had with Kyle Shanahan, Staley, now 33, reflected on many things, including 49ers odds for the next season. The athlete, now 33, managed to finish his 11th season playing in the NFL.

49ers to Three Straight Wins for First Time since 2014
For the past three seasons, the San Francisco 49ers have been one of the worst teams in the NFL, thanks to the front office blowing up the team after they fired former head coach Jim Harbaugh. This season, the team was expected to once again compete for the top pick in the 2018 NFL Draft, but it doesn’t look like that will happen anymore thanks to a brilliant move by general manager John Lynch.

49ers vs Titans |
There’s something about the 49ers Odds to beat Titans that doesn’t make much sense. People honestly believe that the 49ers have what it takes to come out victorious in their game against Tennessee.

49ers Odds: The Unlikely Favorites against the Titans
The San Francisco 49ers haven't had all too good of a season, and they've consistently been ranked underdogs this season. In Week 15, things changed for them. According to MyBookie, the 49ers are considered a two-point favorite for their matchup against Tennessee Titans in San Francisco.

49ers Vs Texans Week 14 Game
The San Francisco 49ers will play the Houston Texans in Week 14, and this is as good a time as any to preview the match. The 49ers odds for Week 14 are expected to be better than those of the Texans but not by much.

Garoppolo Impressive In First Start For 49ers
The San Francisco 49ers traded for former New England Patriots backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo at the trade deadline because they thought it would be a good idea to go after a player that has some NFL experience instead of starting over with a rookie next season.

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