San Francisco 49ers 2018 Opponent Power Rankings
There is a feeling that its still early to make a decision on which teams will be main contenders or not in the next season even though power rankings lists have already landed on the internet.
With this in mind, you can have some fun by taking an early look on what lies ahead on the next 49ers odds next season matches. San Francisco are preparing for the next 2019 season with high expectations after finishing the 2017 season with 5 straight wins. 2019 season will be second full season for Jimmy Garoppolo as a quarterback since joining the 49ers. He will be carrying high expectations after his sterling performing during the 5-game winning streak. coming season looks manageable especially with home matches. Below were our ranking of the strength when it comes to 49ers' opponents as they stood in 2018 season.
13. Chicago Bears
2017 Season Record: 5-11: home game
The Niners and the Bears are of late seen as an yearly thing with 49ers being ahead after winning the latest game in the series. Chicago Bears need a lot of improvement under their new coach Matt Nagy, who's known to be an offensive-minded coach. He can form a good pairing with the star quarterback Mitch Trubisky.
12. New York Giants
2017 Season Record:3-13: Home game
When it comes to the Giants, they're definitely ahead of the Bears despite having a poor record due to expectations that they would finish as the better side of the two teams. Pat Shurmur, their new head coach has inherited a roster that has some upgrades which is better compared to 2017 record.
11. Denver Broncos
2017 Season Record:5-11: home game
Broncos had a rough season with their head coach Vance Joseph occupying the hot seat for one year since joining the team. biggest weakness is at the quarterback and soon they find one, we can expect them to move up on the list.

10. Arizona Cardinals
2017 Season Record:8-8: home/away
This was a season characterized by uncertainty for Cardinals with Bruce Arians and Carson Palmer heading into retirement. However, there are still some good talents on this roster and the big hole is at quarterback. That means they should not expect the season to be as high as it was under Arians.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2017 Season Record:5-11 » away game
The Buccaneers had a disappointing season with a huge expectation directed to Dirk Koetter to make noticeable improvement during his second season as the head coach. They are expected to make several changes on both sides of the ball, especially at the running back.

8. Oakland Raiders
2017 Season Records: 6-10 » home game
For Oakland, this was a massive letdown season after many people expected them to be among the main contenders of the Super Bowl in the AFC. In response to this failure, all eyes were directed to Jon Gruden, who need some help especially on defense. We will be watching to see what he can get from his group come the next season, particularly from quarterback Derek Carr.

7. Detroit Lions
2017 Season Record:9-7 » home game
This team has what it takes to be competitive once again next season, but they need to address a few issues on the defense. They should try to find an answer to this problem during the offseason.

6. Los Angeles Chargers
2017 Season Record:9-7 » away game
It was a good season for the Chargers where they were among the hottest teams despite a poor start of the season with 0-4. Most of the team is expected to come back, and all they need is to be more consist from the start for them to make it to postseason.

5. Kansas City Chiefs
2017 Season Record:10-6 » away
The Kansas City experienced a roller coaster season despite starting off well with 5-0 before they put themselves in jeopardy to miss the playoffs. They made a rebound to grab a win in AFC West, but lost the playoffs in a disappointing Wild Card loss against the Titans by blowing a 21-3 lead. Everyone is guessing if the team will do enough in the offseason period. We can only wait and see how they will perform with their quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

4. Seattle Seahawks
2017 Season Record:9-7 » home/away
Changes are expected on Seattle defense in the coming season particularly on secondary position. However, there are many talents on the roster to help them remain competitive. Previously, the Seahawks have always dominated the 49ers, but the Niners are getting closer. We can only wait and see if the 49ers will pass them in the next season.

3. Green Bay Packers
2017 Season Record:7-9 » away
With this ranking, the assumption is that Packer will be in great shape with a strong Aaron Rodgers. Well, there is some work that is waiting to done on the defense and its expected there is one or two new skill position players surrounding Rodgers especially at the receiver, just in case they might not keep Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson.

2. Los Angeles Rams
2017 Season Record:11-5 » home/away
It was a big reap for the Rams in 2017 season and retaining their core offensive will see them again as the contender. However, a few question might be on the defensive with several players heading to free agency.

1. Minnesota Vikings
2017 Season Record:13-3 » away

Many are not surprised that Minnesota lost the NFC Championship and how lopsided the side was. team also faced another interesting issue where quarterback Sam Bradford, Teddy Bridgewater and Case Keenum headed towards free agency. However, the Vikings have enough players to turn around things.


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