Joe Staley is Optimistic about the Next NFL Season for 49ers
Joe Staley planned to retire early in the past season, but now, he appears very re-energized and hopeful about his team’s future. During a talk he had with Kyle Shanahan, Staley, now 33, reflected on many things, including 49ers odds for the next season. The athlete, now 33, managed to finish his 11th season playing in the NFL.
2017 Team Stats
Pts Yds Pass Yds Rush Yds
During the same period, he played 158 matches and proved to be a rock-solid asset as a left tackle during the time under Jim Harbaugh, but also had some difficult periods. Now, as the team looks toward the next 2018 season, he appears to be a rock around which the team will build its new strategy, rather than replace him. He was pronounced a part of the second team of the Pro Football Focus All-Pro, where he came second to the Green Bay Packers’ David Bakhtiari. He also managed to get the third-best efficiency of pass-blocking out of all offensive tackle. Now, Staley is excited and eager about his next season with the team.
The same news was very much appreciated with the franchise that is certain its team is ready to take on the rest of the NFC West in the 2018 season. The team has also managed to fill in a few additional spots. Jimmy Garoppolo is now the quarterback, while a new cast is starting to take their positions, ready for the future. These include DeForest Buckner, George Kittle, Reuben Foster and Solomon Thomas, while Staley is happy to be a part of the same rebuilding process. The 49ers began the season with Kyle Shanahan, their first-year coach and quickly ended up being 0-9.
Then, they got a remarkable run resulting in 5-1. At the end, the score was 6-10. Staley stated on the team’s website that he is very excited about the current situation in the team and what their plan is. He said that the previous years were hard on him because he felt his career is drawing to a close. But, this season managed to rejuvenate him and now he is excited once again. In his view, the team is creating something previously and the results are starting to show.
Earlier, Staley said on a podcast to Matt Maiocco that he was thinking about early retirement in 2017. However, he was influenced by Shanahan that the team’s great days are ahead of them. Staley’s injuries and loses left him feeling down and lacking his regular enthusiasm, but this talk managed to change these and bring back his optimism. According to him, Shanahan managed to get his mind back on the right path.
The conversation, lasting an hour, was great for Staley because he got not only reassurance but also wisdom from an older person who already had similar experiences. In spite of being the head coach for the first year, Staley believes that the process did great things when it comes to his mental state. This talk got him refocused, which help him a lot an allowed him to decide to sign all the way to the 2019 NFL season.

2017 Team Statistics

49ers Opponents
321 Total First Downs 343
88 - 206 - 27 1st Downs (Rush-Pass-By Penalty) 108 - 198 - 37
91/234 3rd Down Conversions 95/221
8/18 4th Down Conversions 10/12
5587 Total Offensive Yds 5625
1058 - 5.3 Offense (Plays-Avg Yds) 1065 - 5.3
1662 Total Rushing Yds 1861
408 - 4.1 Rushing (Plays-Avg Yards) 491 - 3.8
3925 Total Passing Yds 3764
362 - 607 - 15 - 7.0 Passing (Comp-Att-Int-Avg) 344 - 544 - 10 - 7.2
30 Sacks 43
39/41 Field Goals 31/35
31 Touchdowns 42
15 - 15 - 0 - 1 (Rush-Pass-Ret-Def) 13 - 27 - 1 - 1
29:15 Time of Possession 31:50
-3 Turnover Ratio  


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