The Improved San Francisco 49ers odds to Achieve a Memorable Win
The San Francisco 49ers odds of winning the Super Bowl has increased with the presence of start quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. The team has good optimism as it has the sixth highest odds to win the Super Bowl. The team that is the first professional sports franchise based in San Francisco has a better defense with the revamped team. The original member of All-America Football Conference (AAFC), San Francisco 49ers are based on the Pacific Coast. The team established in 1944 has five Super Bowl championships to its name (1981-1995). It is trying to regain the title by improving the possession time and extending drives. With the Westgate SuperBook posting the odds for the Super Bowl, the expectations are at an all-time high for the San Francisco 49ers.

Jimmy Garoppolo’s 49ers vs Cowboys in Preseason Kickoff
Diehard football fans who have been hankering for the announcement regarding the preseason schedule should now be all smiles after the NFL confirmed the matchups for the upcoming season. The preseason officially kicks off on Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018 with the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Chicago Bears. The exhibition games will start with the San Francisco 49ers playing at home against the Dallas Cowboys at home on Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018; a game that will definitely adjust 49ers preseason odds.

Observations from Newly Released 49ers Schedule
The NFL released the schedule for the 2018 season last week and since were still months away from the start of the season, there’s nothing better to do than look at the schedules and start making predictions for next season.

New 49ers Odds Place Them at 5th after Commencement of Free Agency
The free agency commenced with a lot of activity surrounding it in both the media circles and fans' quarters. Among the key things observed recently is the changing odds of the San Francisco 49ers since the start of the free agency.

San Francisco 49ers Odds to Win NFC West
Every year, before the NFL match begins, the professionals and fans pick up their favorite team for the season. For the upcoming matches this season, the odds to win the NFC West is already determined.

Speculations are High after Raiders Resume Talks with 49ers
Are we likely to see the Raiders and 49ers resuming there joint practices and preseason series? The coming days are very important after Mark Davis (Raiders owner) began talks with the 49ers. It must be remembered that Oakland Raiders and San Francisco 49ers used to play against each other in every preseason. They also took part in joint practices before facing each other. But, this arrangement was cancelled in 2011, after their fan violence escalated. Since then, we have heard lots of speculations about these two teams resuming back to their previous arrangement. Last year March John Lynch and Jack Del Rio said they were possibilities it could happen again. After the schedule come out in April, their match was missing and now once again we're in March, with discussion about the preseason series resuming. As we wait to see whether these talks will be successful, 49ers betting odds for next season are high at the moment.

The 49ers Frenzy: Is this a Bubble that Will Soon Burst?
The San Francisco 49ers have never been more optimistic going into a new season. The players are full of confidence thanks to their brilliant back to back wins in the playoffs last season. Even though there is nothing wrong with optimism, counting your chicks before they hatch can prove disappointing. This reality however does not dampen the gusto in the offensive tackle Joe Staley. In January, Staley suggested that they are ruling the playoffs and other NFL teams had better watch their backs. There is no doubt that the season odds for 49ers are looking up now more than ever.

San Francisco 49ers 2018 Opponent Power Rankings
There is a feeling that its still early to make a decision on which teams will be main contenders or not in the next season even though power rankings lists have already landed on the internet.

San Francisco 49ers Has Love for Everyone
Valentine's Day was all over the place yesterday and looks like 49ers had some fun..

2019 Super Bowl odds
Super Bowl LII is over, Eagles as underdogs all the way took down each team that was put in front and now they are champions.

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